Managing Change & Leadership Transition

Change is inevitable, although managers often find themselves in positions of knowing change is coming and are nonetheless unprepared to respond. The key for organizations to survive leadership transition resulting from retirement, promotion, demotion, termination, or other forms of separation is to prepare employees for change that will occur at work and in their home life.

When change results from transition in leadership the actions taken by management can impede or enhance the willingness of employees to prepare for, and adapt to, change. This program outlines the issues and provides guidance which managers should take into consideration in preparing for leadership transition. Managing transition will make a difficult process less stressful and disruptive for everyone. Employees should be able to trust their senior management team’s competence, credibility and motives for implementing changes related to leadership transition. This program provides an overview of preparing for transition while motivating staff to take the next step in their own leadership advancement.


Participants will be able to:

Provide an outline of the roles and responsibilities of every position during the transition process.

Understand the preparation necessary for known and unexpected leadership changes.

Identify the importance of individual and professional development to minimize stress in the transition process.

Recognize the importance of embracing leadership change from a positive perspective.

Engage in real two-way dialogue versus one-way communication.

Align the human resource system to support the employees in transition.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: 4 hours [Senior Managers and Supervisors]
8 hours [All Staff]

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