Handcuffs are temporary restraints designed to limit the movement of the offender or individual, and to help assure the safety of the officer and the individual. Hundreds of law enforcement officers have been injured or killed because they considered an individual to be harmless and cooperative and did not apply handcuffs in a safe manner. Also, agencies have suffered litigation because of improper application of handcuffs and other restraining devices. This program covers why handcuffs are used, when they are to be used, how they are to be used and who is to be handcuffed. Other topic areas include:

Care and Maintenance
Searching Procedures
Movement and Transport
Cuffing Techniques and Consideration
Control Tactics Options
Custody Death Syndrome

Length of program: 1-day

Instructor Certification also available. Each graduate is provided a CD with handout materials, lesson plan and PowerPoint.

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