Safety for Mental Health & Social Workers

Mental health and social workers deal daily with hazards and potentially volatile situations. A recent University study revealed that of 1600 workers interviewed 3.3% had been physically assaulted, 23% were threatened with assault and 50% were verbally abused. This training examines the realities of how and when mental health & social workers experience hazardous incidents.

This training will provide skills to identify, prevent, and respond to issues affecting worker's safety, and will discuss:

Liability issues
The realities of how workers are killed & assaulted
Strategies for survival
Dealing with aggressive behavior
Safety issues in handling emotionally disturbed offenders
Office safety
Field safety

By the end of Safety Strategies for Mental Health & Social Workers, participants will be able to:

Describe the types of hazardous incidents that are most likely to occur
Describe the three concepts of mental conditioning
Respond, mentally and physically, to various types of hazardous situations
Recognize danger behavior and the options for safe resolution
Apply guidelines for dealing effectively with emotionally disturbed clients

Program Length - 1 day

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