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Community Corrections Institute, LLC (CCI) is a training and consulting company dedicated to providing services specifically designed for Parole, Probation, and Community Correction agencies, specializing in the areas of officer and staff safety, enhanced supervision practices, management practices and risk management. All staff are highly trained, with extensive experience in State and Federal Community Corrections and/or law enforcement.

Natural Response Control Tactics

This program examines the realities of how Parole, Probation, and Community Corrections officers and staff are most often confronted in office, field and custody environments. It then provides tactics officers and staff can apply in these situations that will increase their ability to successfully avoid or control these situations.


Best Practices For Supervision

CCI offer various programs on topics related to best practices in community supervision. Programs include: Creating an Evidenced Based Supervision Program, Leadership Competencies for Community Supervision Managers, Managing Change and Leadership Transition, and Ethical Issues in Community Supervision.


    Safety Training

    This program, specifically developed for adult and juvenile parole and probation officers, provides a "best practices" approach to officer safety. In this program, participants receive information on the realities of how probation and parole officers are killed and assaulted, and how best to protect themselves from such attacks.


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