Weapons Identification & Safe Handling

This program provides a hands-on experience regarding how to identify and safely handle all types of weapons and commonly found explosives. Various types of weapons and "dummy rounds" are provided (in keeping with State laws and restrictions) and participants not only get to see the weapons, but have the opportunity to actually handle the weapons and learn how to make them safe. Participants also learn when it is appropriate to handle the weapon or explosive device, and when to call in the experts! Topics covered include:

General Firearms Safety: The Four Steps to Making Any Weapon Safe
Identification of Different Types of Firearms:
Semi-automatic Handguns
Tasers and "boutique" weapons
Long guns:
Bolt action
Visual Signatures
Firearm Nomenclature
How to make various types of firearms safe
Identification of Explosives
Scenarios: finding the weapon-now what do you do?
On a person
In a residence
In a vehicle

Length of Program-1 day

Weapons Identification and Safe Handling: Training for Trainers

In addition to the information outlined above, participants are provided more in-depth instruction on the safety issues and instructional methods of teaching officers how to identify, safely handle, and make safe various types of weapons. Also, participants are provided a CD with handout materials, a lesson plan with corresponding PowerPoint Program, and videos to use in their training.

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