Evidence-Based Practices: Where do we begin?

Organizations and agencies in community corrections have been designing and redesigning programs with the primary focus on Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) for more than a decade. While the EBP concept continues to spread in popularity, many agencies have struggled to advance beyond the phase of general discussion.

This program has been developed to assist administrators and staff in taking the first steps in becoming an Evidence-Based Organization. A comprehensive approach to EBP may take years to implement, however the first steps for beginners are often the most important to the success of achieving individual and agency goals. The outline of this program will help agencies and staff successfully utilize EBP concepts and strategies to reduce the occurrence of repeat offenses.


Participants will be able to:

Describe the structure and appearance of an Evidence-Based Organization.
Explain the essential Principles of implementing Evidence-Based Practices.
Examine the key ingredients of Organizational Development, Evidence-Based Practices, and Collaboration.
Compile a Get Started Checklist to initiate system change.
Conduct an Organizational Assessment and identify appropriate assessment tools.
Develop a Strategic Plan to provide direction for the organization to link its role to the community with steps that will be taken to fulfill that role.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: 4 hours [Managers and Administrative Staff]
1 day [Managers and All Agency Staff]

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