Minimizing Risk in a Risky Profession

While nationally, community corrections agency continue to provide better supervision through evidence based practices, in recent years the number of law suits filed against community corrections agencies and their officers has been on the rise. This program examines the two most common areas of liability and provides suggestions to minimize those risks.

In this program participants will look at various cases filed against community corrections agencies and, through the use of an audience response system, will provide their personal views on liability. Participants will also hear how courts have ruled in many of these cases and they will be given nine steps to reduce liability exposure.

By the end of the program participants will be able to:

List the two main areas of liability for community corrections agencies.
Evaluate cases and identify potential liability exposure.
List 9 steps to reduce liability exposure for both the agency and individual officers.
Discuss actions officers and administrators can take to reduce liability.

Length 4 hours

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