Safety in Search and Seizure

This program looks at the special issues surrounding searches conducted by parole, probation, and community corrections officers. This training provides the most current legal and tactical information regarding search and seizure. In day one of the course, participants look at the legal and tactical issues surrounding search and seizure.

Topics include:

Plain View Doctrine
Composition and Imposition of Search Conditions
Establishing the Legal Basis for a Search
Search Approval Considerations
The Skill of Conducting a Search
Pre-search Planning
Gaining Entry
Security Sweeps
Dealing with Third Parties
Effective Use of Law Enforcement
Post-Search Activities
Post Search Debriefing
Evidence Storage
Report Writing
Search Planning

The skills involved in the above subject areas are reviewed by the use of case scenarios and group discussion.

In day two, participants are involved in live search scenarios during which they have the opportunity to practice the skills learned. Through hands-on participation and video review, participants experience the numerous legal and safety issues inherent in conducting searches and learn how to maximize the safety of all involved.

Length of Program - 2 days

Safety in Search and Seizure: Training of Trainers

In this training participants go through the program outlined above, and then learn the skills of training officers in the legal and safety skills of search and seizure. Participants learn how to conduct search related scenarios in a realistic and safe manner. They will also learn the skills of debriefing the simulations and responding to the numerous legal and tactical issues that arise.

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