Leadership Competencies for Probation Parole & Community Supervision

Any administrator or manager who has held a leadership position in recent years will acknowledge the dizzying degree of change that has occurred in the workplace. The list of complex demands, increased workload, and diminishing resources continues to grow as our world brings forth the additional challenges of staff attrition and budget deficits. It has become a necessity that administrators and managers possess the leadership competencies to address the changes which our system of justice undoubtedly holds for the future.

Essential leadership competencies have been defined by researchers as the “leadership skills and behaviors that contribute to superior performance” and that “by using a competency-based approach to leadership, organizations can better identify and develop their next generations of leadership.” [J. Brownell, 2006].

This program has been developed to provide administrators and managers with leadership competencies that are quickly becoming the skills and behaviors necessary to provide leadership to both organizations and staff.


Participants will be able to:

Discuss the importance of possessing a Business Acumen to understand the systems, policies, procedures, and protocols necessary to successfully serve in a leadership position.

Understand the elements of Manager Composure that managers need to obtain the trust and respect of peers and staff.

Identify the importance of embracing and communicating Vision and Purpose to staff.

Promote the importance of Embracing Diversity in building a more cohesive workforce.

Convey to staff and others that an agency governed by Ethics and Values will be perceived as trustworthy by the community.

Understand that leaders who act with Honesty, Integrity and Trust earn the confidence of their staff.

Provide a description of Managerial Courage and the associated behaviors which lead to consistent decisions.

Explain the benefits of Organizational Savvy and Strategic Agility in the development of relationships to further the agency’s mission and goals.


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