Ethical Issues in Community Corrections


Each year community corrections agencies spend significant time and funds on various types of relevant and important training. From officer safety issues to treatment modalities, we have enhanced the safety and effectiveness of our officers. While we may be enhancing the physical and technical skills of our officers and staff, many will argue we are losing battles that have their roots in ethics and integrity. Every legitimate lawsuit, disciplinary action, and complaint against an individual or agency is a result of failed ethics. The monetary costs are extraordinary.

This program examines illegal and unethical behaviors on the part of probation and parole personnel, many of which have found their way into the electronic and print media. The program examines responses to unethical behavior, both on the part of the agency and the individual officer. Organizational cultures that foster ethical behavior are also explored.

Participants will explore what is really important to them, both in themselves and others.


Participants will be able to:

Describe the growing ethical problem within the probation and parole profession.

Examine ethical situations that have occurred within probation and parole and discuss how such situations can be averted within their own organizations.

Identify strategies to address the problem of unethical and illegal behaviors within the profession.

Discuss the importance of leadership, irrespective of your position within the agency, in crafting an organizational culture that fosters ethical behavior.

Length: 4 hours

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